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The PInT Summer 2022 Fellowship is a fully-funded program that will allow up to three of Olin College’s engineering students to work at public interest organizations and advance Olin’s mission to do work for the good of the world. 

PInT Fellows can choose to do summer internships at public interest organizations such as government offices, public institutions, non-profits, community-based organizations, advocacy campaigns, foundations, environmental organizations, and more, and allows them to work with organizations that may not normally hire engineering interns.

Upon the completion of the fellowship, students will credibly engage other students at Olin in seeing the wider applications for their skills in PIT-themed work.  We want you to have the opportunity to potentially affect positive change at an organization that is doing things you are passionate about.


We are offering up to three fellowships during the summer of 2022. Fellowships provide each fellow with $6000 to cover any costs related to the fellow's work. This can include housing, travel, project costs, and a stipend for the fellow's work.


To be eligible, you must be a student enrolled at Olin College of Engineering who will return the semester after this summer.

Internship Requirements

  • Must be unpaid

  • Must take place outside of the Olin community

  • Must be a new organization where you have not previously worked.

  • Must be one full-time (~40 hrs/week) internship, totaling 8 weeks or more. Exceptions may be made for accessibility reasons (please see our accessibility and inclusion statement)

  • Must not be a pay-to-participate program.

  • Cannot work with a family member

  • Note: given the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no requirement for the internship to be in-person.

Learn more about our past fellows and the work they accomplished.

What do students gain?

  • A chance to explore the emerging field of Public Interest Technology. 

  • Do work in your host organization as someone with deep technical engineering knowledge that benefits the group

  • Discover new professional routes new application of skills for engineers

Interested in supporting the fellowship?

What do organizations gain?

Are you interested in adding a summer intern from engineering fields to your team? We’re offering a fully-funded stipend for three students from Olin College of Engineering to be placed in public interest organizations. All Olin students do hands-on, team-based work in multiple engineering domains from their first days at Olin and are selected for our community by demonstrating a collaborative, open-minded disposition in addition to their STEM training. 

We’re looking for organizations where our fellows can collaborate with others and contextualize their work in different disciplines.

If you have questions or would like to express interest in partnering with us, please reach out at

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