Meet the Organizing Team

Updated: Jan 22

PInT is led by a team of student organizers, and our advisor is Olin College Professor Erhardt Graeff. Read on to learn about the Organizing Team for the 2021-2022 Academic Year!

Marion Madanguit '23

Kelly Yen '23

Sam Daitzman '22

I joined because I want to believe in a world where engineers work to support the public good, and I’m trying to give myself and others space to do that. This will be my fourth year as a PInT organizer because I believe that engineering can do better. We have the obligation, opportunity, and possibility to devote our engineering skills to building a world where all people can thrive.

Arla Sutton '24

I joined PInT because I wanted to learn and create impact at the same time; I wanted to be a part of a supportive community that was invested in being equitable technologists and people, and asking ourselves what that meant. This year, I'm excited to meet new people, whether they're new to Public Interest Tech or whether they've been a part of it for years. I'm also excited to be a part of in-person meetings for the first time!

Trevor Zou '24

I joined PInT because I wanted to do something meaningful with a positive impact outside of class. I am looking forward to in person meetings and working on projects in the same space.

Sam Coleman '23

I joined PInT because I was excited to be part of a community where I could explore creating positive impacts through engineering. I'm really excited to be back in person,and support all the sub teams doing amazing work! (edited)

Shreya Chowdhary '22

I joined PInT because I wanted the chance to explore the real impacts of engineering and define my own relationship to engineering that is built around positive social change. I’m so excited to mentor the other organizers and support younger students in exploring PIT!

Ruby Eisenbud '22

Claire Hashizume '24

I joined PInT because I wanted more opportunities to build skills that help do good in the world and to work with nonprofits. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in-person and getting closer to the PInT community!